I Don’t Think So Squirrels!

Throughout the year some of the big problems we have to deal with are squirrels. These little buggers love to find their way into small little areas in people’s houses. They will find a little crack or gap to enter and set up home. Sometimes they have their babies there and sometimes they will just set up a nest to hang out and eat or get out of the weather. If it’s in your attic we can trap them and take them away somewhere. When I say take them away, I mean far away. Squirrels are territorial. They tend to stay in the say area all the time, so if you take them far away to a new area they should stay around that area. Some times though, they will try and get into an area where there is no attic access. What do you do when this happens?

Here is a picture of a tile roof where squirrels were getting in.

It is on a tile roof and the squirrels were making their way in to nest. Again the problem is there is no way to get to this area to try and trap them. We had to basically wait for them to leave during the day. Once this happened we stuffed a towel into the hole until I could send George out to seal up the hole. That is probably the most frustrating thing about squirrels. If you have an opening with no attic access, it is extremely difficult to get them out.

After a few days we noticed the towel had not been moved or chewed on so we figured they were long gone. I sent George out to seal it up, and this is what he did.

Not a bad job. There is no way these squirrels will be getting in this customers house any more. So what’s the moral of this story kids? Have you noticed I alway have a moral of the story? The moral of this story is make sure there are no areas around your house where squirrels or any type of rodent can enter. If your not sure, call us. We can come out and evaluate any potential problem areas.

Hope this helps!

Scott McGrath