Termites. When to treat.

Termites……..Is there a certain time to treat that’s better than others? The quick answer is yes….when you actually have termites. The longer answer is no. You can treat you house for termites when ever you want. Now it is true that spring is when most termites seem to pop up, and that’s when people usually decide to have something done. The problem with that is by the time you wait you may already have a problem. If you get a treatment done before a tunnel is found, then your guaranteed not to have any unforeseen issues.

I wanted to post a picture I found at a house the other day. Now I’m writing this bog from my iPad so forgive me if something looks crazy or weird.

This is what happens when you are not proactive and either have a yearly termite inspection or preventative treatment. This is the largest termite tunnel I have seen in a long time. Unfortunately it was next door to a house I was already treating. I tried to contact the home owner but to no avail. I hope the home owner does something quick. I can just imagine what the inside of his wall looks like.

So the moral of the story kids is to always listen to your bug guy, and know what’s going on around your house. If your really worried or just want to have some piece of mind when it comes to your house, get a preventative termite treatment done. And of course anytime of the year of good to have it done.

Hope this helps!,

Scott McGrath