Rodent Exclusion Work

I wanted to post some more pictures of some of the work that we do during the winter times.  As the temps get cooler, the varmints like to come inside.  It is our job find any entry points and seal them up.  This will insure no more pitter padder in the upstairs attic area.

Here is a fairly common area that most people forget about.

This is a gable vent that has no screens on the inside at all. This particular customer was having squirrels come in and out of attic along with birds. Over the years we have learned that it is more efficient to place the screens on the outside rather than on the inside. We’ve had many jobs where we did place the screens on the inside and birds or different types of rodents still found ways to push their way inside. By forming the screens on the outside, it eliminates this from happening.

Here are some pictures of George measuring and cutting the fitted hardware cloth.

When we are done, we are hoping you will hardly notice the work. We have received numerous positive responses on our work and have made a lot of people sleep better by knowing there is zero activity in their attics.