Trents Football Team

This is the first year my 9 yr old, Trent, has played football.  When we got recruited to play this year, Trent had no idea even what a football was. I’ll never forget the first practice he had in pads and his first hit.  Him and this other kid collided and both went down.  Trent started crying really hard cause he had no idea what to expect.  I asked him if he was hurt or just scared.  He said scared and I wasn’t sure if he would ever even want to come back to practice.  Well he did and just 10 games into the season his team is number 1 seed going into the playoffs and my little Trent is the starting defensive end.  I’m not totally convinced he completely knows whats going on yet, but it’s been fun watching him explode off that line of scrimmage and tackle either the running back or the qb behind the line of scrimmage.  They received a first round bi meaning they only have to win two games to be the champs.  Good luck boys.  Should be a great playoff run.

ps.  He has finally realized that hitting someone is fun and he doesn’t get scared anymore.