Termite Swarmers

I went to a new customers house the other day because she thought she had termites.  She said the other day she saw hundreds of termite swarmers in her guest bath tub and in the adjoining bedroom.  When I got there this is what I saw in the bedroom. t’s a little late in the …

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Funny Easter Bunny Video

Here is a funny easter bunny video I found on youtube this morning. McGrath Pest Control hopes everyone has a great and safe easter holiday. I hope this put a smile on your face just like it did mine.

Taking Over for a Small Business

Scott McGrath joins Raheel in a podcast to talk about his business, McGrath Pest Control, life and everything he’s learned in taking over for a small business.

Pest Prevention

Treating for bugs alone doesn’t always solve your problem. At times pest prevention is the best method. A good rule of thumb is the more you can seal up the better. Tin flashing and a tube of caulk works wonders sometimes. I challenge all my customers to look under their sinks or around their windows …

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