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Fire Ant Video

I wanted to make a quick fire ant video this morning since we have been having tons of rain this past two weeks.  Every time it rains a lot and if the weather is warm you can expect fire ants to pop up everywhere.  Treating your yard quickly will eliminate the chances of anyone getting

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Facts From The CDC

Here is a youtube video that I took this morning explaining some interesting facts from the CDC.  I’m going to try and start doing some random videos and putting them up on my business youtube page.  Please watch them and subscribe to my channel and like my videos. Let me know what you think.  I

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Wow this has been a crazy cold winter for us Houston folk.  Me for one can’t wait for some warmer weather to appear.  I wanted to write a quick reminder to everyone that along with dry skin this cold weather will also stir up the rodent activity in and around someones home.  Rats are everywhere.

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Termite Inspector

It has been said that the Houston real estate market is one of the fastest growing markets in the United States.  People are moving here and have been moving here in droves for the last number of years.  They are either moving here to get away from the harsh weather that can happen in the

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Termite Swarmers

I went to a new customers house the other day because she thought she had termites.  She said the other day she saw hundreds of termite swarmers in her guest bath tub and in the adjoining bedroom.  When I got there this is what I saw in the bedroom. t’s a little late in the

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