Pest Control

New Termite Swarmers Videos

Well it’s March 21, 2014.  Happy birthday Deven!!! and it’s officially termite swarming season.   I went to a business today and actually saw the swarmers starting to emerge and fly out.  To us pest control people it’s pretty cool.  To everyone else it’s probably kinda gross. Here are a few termite swarmers videos that I …

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Termite Pretreat

I’m starting a new termite pretreat project this week.  There is an apartment complex being built in Houston.  I was awarded the opportunity to do the pretreat on it.  It’s a process but here are the beginning pictures. I’ll keep every one posted on the progress

A New Tick Disease

I came across an article Sunday morning that may have some concerns for my customers.  Yes reading pest control articles is what I do on Sunday mornings.   It was about the existence of a new type of disease found on the deer tick.  The disease is called Borrelia Miyamotoi.  It’s a lot like lyme disease …

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Ants v. Swarmers

I was at a new customers building the other day and noticed something interesting.  The following video which I labeled Ants v. Termites is short, but it shows where termite swarmers emerged from an expansion joint in the same place some ants were hanging out.  The ant is a natural enemy of the termite.  Not …

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Random Work Pictures

I wanted to post a few random pictures I took last week while working.  There is a new business that kept having ants in and around their building.  I couldn’t find the source till now. I sprayed behind the trim and boom I hit the jackpot.  Their problem was solved not too long after that.  …

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Drywood Termites

Probably about 20 years ago a swarm of drywood termites made their way into the Heights part of town.  Since then almost every time we get a termite call from someone living in that part of town, I’m almost assured that it’s going to be drywood termites.  Well now, I’m seeing them spread west into …

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